Soda Stream Continues Expansion Efforts

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 2:07pm -- Seth Golden

As we noted earlier in the week, Soda Stream International (SODA) recently expanded its distribution by entering Chile in September.  However, this morning Soda Stream released a press announcement that updated investors with a little more insight into the Chilean expansion as well as other expansion efforts.  The following paragraphs come directly from the Soda Stream press release today:

  • Soda Stream today announced that its products are being made available in Russia, Chile and Singapore through new exclusive partnerships.
  • "Our global carbonated beverage revolution is continuing across three continents as we bring our products to Chile and Singapore, and enhance our existing activities with a new distributor in Russia," stated Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream.  "Carbonated drinks are popular in all of these markets, and SodaStream looks forward to introducing these consumers to our smarter, simpler and more earth-friendly way to enjoy them."
  • In Russia, SodaStream will be distributed by Bureaucrat (, a leading home and office solution company with over $1 billion in annual turnover, representing some of the world's most popular brands.  SodaStream will launch nationwide at Media Mart starting as early as Q1 2013.  In Chile, the Company's products will be distributed by Volta (, an organization that has successfully represented top global food supplement and pharma products across the country's retail stores.  Volta is part of Eurofarma Brazil, with over $1 billion in annual sales.  Volta will launch SodaStream products initially at three top retailers, Falabella, CencoSud and Ripley, which own a variety of department stores, supermarkets, home centers and a TV home shopping network.  In Singapore the Company is partnering with Yeo Teck Seng (, a leader in high-quality home and kitchen products.  SodaStream will be available there starting December at Singapore's premium retailer, Takashimaya.

To make sure investors have even more clarity regarding this announcement today, Capital Ladders is offering details on the possible door expansion in Chile.  Investors should understand that the expansion into Chile will add to revenues in Q3 of 2012 (sales booked in Q3).  In Chile Falabella is the country's second largest retailer with over 259 stores and mall plazas.  Soda Stream should initially be in roughly 150 Falabella stores.  Cencosud is Chile's largest retailer with almost 500 stores, most of which are grocery markets.  Soda Stream should enter about 90 Cencosud stores.  Soda Stream hopes to be in all 54 Ripley retail department stores in the near future. 

With regards to Soda Stream's expansion efforts into Singapore, this is just one more step in the growth the company will see in the Asia Pacific region.  Based on distribution minimums, we would expect to see Soda Stream launch in at least 50-100 locations in Singapore during the month of December. 

In a recent communication from Soda Stream's Yonah Lloyd, we discussed the progress the company is seeing with expansion efforts in India.  "We have been traveling on a European Road Show over the last few weeks and have discussed India.  It is important we get the right structure in place.  We look forward to providing more details on it soon". 

But don't expect Soda Stream to stop with India as Mexico, Greece and possibly Poland are on the map in the near future.  Look for Capital Ladder's Q3 preview with quarterly projections on all metrics including earnings revenues, machine unit sales, CO2 sales and more.  This report along with many others can be purchased directly form in the coming weeks. Sign up for a free basic membership today and enjoy all our up-to-date information.  If you have any questions regarding the information provided within this article, contact us at    

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